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Is Momineral Makeup suitable for Sensitive and Acne prone skin?

Posted by Omolara Tayo-Sobajo on

Acne is a common skin condition which occurs when skin pores are clogged and the presence of bacteria settlement. Acne, been induced by several factors such as hormones, oily skin, diet, and skin care product as well as skin care routines.

Unfortunately, some of the makeup products used to cover blemishes could be the very thing causing or worsening acne skin condition. Loose mineral makeup tends to be the safest choice. However, not all natural ingredients are safe for use and ingredients still needs to be checked as some mineral makeup products contains skin irritants like micro-sized nanoparticles, talc and synthetic fillers, bismuth oxychloride (a bye product of lead and copper refinery also found associated with increasing hyperpigmentation in dark skin people).

For sensitive and acne prone skins, Momineral makeup is a safe choice as it contains ingredients with antibacterial and non-comedogenic properties that provide natural sunscreen protection.

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It is important to emphasise the light weight of Momineral foundation on the skin as this allows the skin pores to breathe while the ingredients heal and protect the skin. In other to help you understand how Momineral makeup provides the skin with healthy benefits, we briefly discuss the active ingredients used.

Mica provides the skin with the light reflective property which helps in reducing the appearance of flaws.

Zinc oxide used in Momineral makeup because of its anti-inflammatory property which makes it essential to the healing of acne prone skins. It removes impurities from the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Zinc oxide is also known to possess excellent natural sunscreen properties.

Kaolin is a natural soft clay-like substance used in Momineral makeup because of its safe nature, high absorbency and soothing effect. Kaolin has healing properties, and it helps in absorbing impurities from the skin, refine pores and clears up breakout from the skin. Kaolin is responsible absorbing excess moisture and shine from the skin while leaving the skin healthy and fresh.

Magnesium Stearate has oil absorbing properties and also helps in keeping the makeup product on your skin all day without running.

In a market bombarded with so many products loaded with ingredients that block pores and cause blemishes, it is quite unfortunate we cannot go by a product labelled oil-free or non-comedogenic (does not block pores). Products tagged as oil-free can be comedogenic- Just because it is labelled so, it necessarily does not mean it!

By saying yes to Momineral makeup, you can prevent the short and long term effect of harsh ingredients.


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Omolara Tayo~Sobajo MBA.

Beauty and Business Consultant

MoMineral UK

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